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Uttarakhand is one of the 19 states in India that have absolutely no provision for palliative care. Although 5,000 new cases of cancer a year are reported in this state, cancer facilities are still very few. Every human being has a right to die with dignity and with his pain and other distressing symptoms relieved as much as is possible. Please help provide palliative care for the patients at Ganga Prem Hospice.

Ganga Prem Hospice has ANBI Tax Exemption Status in the Netherlands.

Dossiernaam: Ganga Prem Hospice Sharda Trust
Dossiernummer: 823859241

Dutch donors can now receive 30% tax relief on up to 10% of their taxable income. Ganga Prem Hospice is registered with the ANBI Belastingdienst under the name 'Ganga Prem Hospice Sharda Trust' for tax relief purposes. Just declare your donation in the usual way between the end of the year and April 1st, and your teruggave (tax refund) will be mailed to your door.

(Some donors have suggested that if, for example, one would like to make a donation of say €1,000, it would be more practical to anticipate the tax refund and donate €1,300 rather than make two transfers.)

Met behulp van de fiscus kunnen we meer doen voor Ganga prem hospice!

Donation Procedures

For tax exemption in the Netherlands, a donation may be made to Ganga Prem Hospice in the following three ways:

1) To place an online donation, please click here:

2) To donate by mail:

Cheques and drafts should be made payable to:


Cheques and drafts should be sent to:

Shradha Cancer Care Trust
239 Ghalib Apartments, Parwana Road
Pitampura, Delhi 110034

3) To donate by bank transfer, please contact Ms Pooja Dogra:

Mobile (India): +91 9810931743

For more information on donating from the Netherlands, please contact Mr Pete Sketchley at the following coordinates:

Phone: +31 (0) 75-628-7800
Email: petesketchley @ (without spaces)

Pete Sketchley
de Locomotief 7
Koog aan de Zaan, Netherlands

Thank you for your contribution!

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