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Your generous contribution can help us to achieve our goal of providing holistic care and improving the quality of life in the last days of a cancer patient’s journey.

Ganga Prem Hospice is a non-profit, charitable organization. Your donation will help to build the Hospice where we will provide palliative care to terminally ill cancer patients. Our goal of providing holistic care and spiritual solace is possible with your generous contribution.


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For Indian citizens residing in India

Donate by:
Credit card (American Express, JCB Card, MasterCard, VISA)
Debit card
Internet enabled bank account
ITZ card

All donations from Indian citizens are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Sec 80G.


For donors from all other countries

Donate by:
Credit card (American Express*, JCB Card*, MasterCard, VISA)

* Only available if donation is made in USD (United States Dollars)

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Donate by Cheque
To make the donation process easier for you we have given you the donation details of the organisation which supports Ganga Prem Hospice and which is nearest to your home.

• If you live in India, please click on donations from India
• If you live in any other country, please click on donations from other countries


Monthly Donations
A small donation every month would make only a little difference to your income, but it would make a big difference to an underprivileged cancer patient.

Maybe you cannot afford to make a big donation all at once but perhaps you could donate $10, €10, 10 or Rs. 500 out of your monthly income? This small sacrifice would make a big difference to a cancer patient who cannot even afford painkillers. If we all did this little act of kindness the Hospice would soon be up and running. Why not make an arrangement with your bank to have a small donation sent automatically to your nearest Ganga Prem Hospice branch.

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Are You Thinking of Writing Your Will?
If you are, please consider including Ganga Prem Hospice as a beneficiary. Your gift will help us care for terminally ill cancer patients and their families in the future.

Most people want to be sure that their money and property is distributed in the way that they wish, so it is best to seek the advice of a solicitor and to leave clear legal instructions in the form of a will. Writing one’s own will is not usually a good idea because even a small mistake may invalidate the entire will. In the absence of a will, the law makes fixed provisions as to the distribution of an estate and this may not correspond to what you might have wished. In many countries a charitable gift in a will also helps to avoid or reduce inheritance taxes, so please consider leaving a gift for Ganga Prem Hospice and consult your lawyer as to how it can be done.

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Donations as Wedding Gifts
Please remember Ganga Prem Hospice when making your gift list for your wedding. Sending relatives and friends a list of the charities that you would like them to support instead of sending the usual list of household goods is a generous and innovative way of starting your married life.

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Donation Boxes

A GPH donation box at Sri Ram Ashram Orphanage
You can help Ganga Prem Hospice by keeping a donation box on your premises whether it is a shop, hotel, restaurant, office reception, salon, beauty parlour, pharmacy, super market, textile, cinema theatre, community hall, your staff/public canteen, your visitor's room, in your office or residence, anywhere where one can make a donation.

If you would like to keep a donation box for Ganga Prem Hospice please get in touch with us at

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