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Ganga Prem Hospice Care Structure
Every terminally ill patient has a right to information, good quality of life and a dignified death. The patient’ family and care givers need support and consolation.

1. Information

Ganga Prem Hospice offers patients clear and sensitive explanations of:

  1. The diagnosis and its implications;
  2. The likely effects of treatments on daily living;
  3. Probable symptoms of the disease, and their relief;
  4. The type and extent of family/carer support available.

2. Good Quality of Life and a Dignified Death

Patients have a right to lead lives that are as normal, congenial and dignified as possible. Quality of life depends on matching patients' expectations to their actual experience.

At Ganga Prem Hospice, quality of life is ensured by:

  1. General respect for the patient;
  2. An appropriate, satisfying diet;
  3. Comfort and consolation, especially from those sharing the patient's religious and spiritual beliefs;
  4. Consistent and effective response to changes in physical and psychological discomfort;
  5. Information about self-help, support and other services.

3. Support for Carers and Family

At Ganga Prem Hospice, support for carers and family is provided by:

  1. A supportive and friendly atmosphere;
  2. Information about their loved one's illness and its implications (only with the patient's consent);
  3. Emotional and spiritual counselling;
  4. Consolation and support at the time of bereavement.
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