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  What Is Ganga Prem Hospice?
Ganga Prem Hospice is a spiritually orientated, non-profit hospice for terminally ill cancer patients. The Hospice has been constructed at the foot of the Himalayas on the bank of the river Ganga.

Situated at Gohri Maphi near Rishikesh and Haridwar, the spiritual and holistic centres, the Hospice provides medical, emotional and spiritual support for individuals and their grieving families.

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  Monthly cancer clinic in Rishikesh
Cancer clinics in other cities
Home care programme
Bereavement support service
Palliative care training

GPH Marks World Hospice & Palliative Day
Ganga Prem Hospice team members initiated or joined a number of different palliative care initiatives on the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day which fell on 13th October this year. The activities in Uttarakhand included talks on palliative care, workshops, discussions groups, role plays, poster making and a rally promoting palliative care.  

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October Cancer Clinic in Rishikesh


With ten terminally ill patients coming to the clinic among a total of forty-eight cancer patients, the GPH October clinic saw many patients in different kinds of circumstances, needing different forms of support. Some patients attended whose cancer had gone largely undetected or untreated, and which was now in an advanced stage, warranting palliative care.

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Healthy Living: Dates
Dates are one of the sweetest and healthiest fruits. Cultivated from around 6000 BC, dates are the fruit of the date palm tree. They can be consumed either fresh or dried. Dates are a good source of protein, carbohydrates, various vitamins and minerals. Sweet and cooling, they have an alkaline effect on the body

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Our Patient Mamta
Mamta is a 29 years old mother of two young boys. In the month of May 2018, she found that a blister on her tongue would not heal and so she and her husband visited the Ganga Prem Hospice monthly cancer camp held at Rishikesh. In the month of June, after seeing the reports of X-ray and CT scans, the blister was diagnosed as cancer at the base of the tongue.

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Upcoming Events: GPH Cancer Clinic in Rishikesh:  25th November, 2018 Read More  | KD Concert: 30th December 2018

  Tibetan School Performance
Children from the local Tibetan School performed for patients at GPH on the 22nd September.
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Palliative Care Day
GPH initiated or joined several different palliative care initiatives on World Hospice & Palliative Care Day.

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Schools & Colleges Pallium
Ganga Prem: During August the team sensitised Rishikesh youth about palliative care.

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