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Dr Surender Kumar Sharma

Radiation Oncologist
Ganga Prem Hospice

Dr Surender Kumar Sharma

Radiation oncologist Dr Surender Kumar Sharma did not always think of studying medicine. "My first ambition was to be a pilot, and I appeared for the entrance tests and did well. One of my friends chose to be a cardiologist and I then decided to go into oncology", says the doctor who maintains an active lifestyle, and likes to play cricket, badminton and table tennis.

Being  head of a department of radiation oncology at the super-specialty Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute in Delhi, Dr Sharma has a busy schedule. Yet since February 2015, he has dedicated the last weekend of the month to Ganga Prem Hospice, giving free-of-charge consultations to patients at the Hospice’s monthly cancer clinics. His patients like the oncologist’s affable manner and feel immediately at ease when he greets them with a smile.

Dr Sharma considers one of his special contributions to oncology is that he has been instrumental in guiding the setting up of fifteen departments of radiation oncology in hospitals across India, advising upcoming oncology departments on how to set up Linear Accelerator units.

Dr Sharma travels extensively, likes to utilize every possible opportunity to be with his parents in Lucknow, and enjoys reading books, watching television and listening to music in his spare time.

Ganga Prem Hospice Team
Our team includes patients, families, friends, medical professionals, nurses, social workers, volunteers, spiritual advisors and our support team.

Our team is gradually growing but, as we are still a small team and do not have all the staff that we will need in the future, most of our members work in more than one capacity. The main categories of the team are as follows:

1. The Patient and his Family and Friends
An important theme of palliative medicine is that the patient is the focus of care. At Ganga Prem Hospice the patients are, therefore, given repeated opportunities to actively participate in team decision-making. Not doing so can result in care plans that are inappropriate and less likely to answer the patient’s needs. For the same reason the patient’s family and friends are also important members of the team.

2. Medical Professionals
The professional palliative care team at the in patient facility of Ganga Prem Hospice will include cancer specialists, general practitioners or regional medical officers, non-allopathic specialists and therapists who will be full time or part time workers associated with the hospice.

The cancer specialists are in overall charge of the hospice and address medical as well as administrative issues. Other medical and secretarial staff will form part of their team.

a) The Medical Director of Ganga Prem Hospice:

Dr AK Dewan, M.S. M.Ch. (surgical oncologist)

Other cancer specialists:
Dr DC Doval
Dr Abhinav Dewan

Other doctors:
Dr (Mrs) Rupali Dewan (gynaecologist)
Dr Aditi Chaturvedi (pharmacologist and palliative care specialist)
Dr Brenda Ward (palliative care consultant)
Dr Dominique Cassidy (palliative care psychiatrist)

Dr AK Dewan
Dr DC Doval
Dr Rupali Dewan

Dr Aditi Chaturvedi
Dr Brenda Ward


b) The general practitioners or resident medical officers residing in nearby villages or districts can visit regularly. They can be trained in palliative care programmes.

Dr Rajesh Saxena (gynaecologist)

Dr Rajesh Saxena

c) Non allopathic specialists from ayurvedic, homeopathic and other CAM therapies will provide holistic care to patients.

Dr JP Rathi (ayurveda)
Dr Harish Chaturvedi (meditation therapist)

Dr JP Rathi
Dr Harish Chaturvedi

d) Other specialists from therapeutic systems like physiotherapy, yoga and nutrition will pay regular visits.

3. Nurses
Nurses will be trained in palliative care to patients. Their most important functions are:

a) Assessment of needs
b) General nursing care, including dressing, pressure area care, bowel care, venupuncture and administration of drugs

Philomina Mathai
Priyanka Nainwal

Philomina Mathai
Philomina Mathai
 Priyanka Nainwal
 Mamta Krishali

4. Social Workers and Volunteers
Social workers and volunteers include emotional support groups who mobilize resources and may organize equipment like mattresses, wheelchairs, commodes and back rests etc. They will maintain liaison with the patient’s family members and medical professionals. They will also provide a counselling service for patients and families. Other functions of volunteers can include befriending patients and taking them for outings, etc.

Anil and Alka Gupta
Gita Kukreti
Jatinder Raturi
Panchanan Pandey
Raj Mehra
Sarojini Murthy
Trilok Khurana

Anil Gupta 
Alka Gupta
Gita Kukreti
Jatinder Raturi
  Jatinder Raturi
Panchanan Pandey
Raj Mehra
Raj Mehra
Sarojini Murthy
 Trilok Khurana
Trilok Khurana


5. Spiritual Advisors
The spiritual advisors in the hospice are there to strengthen or even sometimes to awaken the patient’s faith in a Supreme Power who can help him when human help will inevitably fail. Those who already have faith in the Divine need help and encouragement in their traditional prayers and practices while meditation and contemplation can also help those whose minds are trying to understand the enigma of death and the possibility of a framework of Being beyond the universe we perceive with our outer senses. Whatever the religion or belief of the patient may be, the spiritual staff always offer respect and reassure the patient in that belief. The staff act as sensitive and caring friends to the patients and their relatives and as such offer them unreserved love and companionship in the delicate field of their spiritual faith. As spirituality brings inner security and peace to the patient, it enables him to accept physical suffering and death with the minimum of emotional and mental disturbance. It is therefore a very important part of palliative care and the presence of spiritual staff in a hospice is essential.

Nani Ma

Nani Ma

6. Administration and Management Staff
The administration and management staff look after practical matters of administration and management. They will work in close collaboration with Trust members and the medical professionals.

Mr Raghuvira Ghai - trustee
Mr Suresh Kathpalia - accountant
Mr Divyae Katiyar - assistant manager
Mr Yogeshwar Prasad Barathwal - administrative assistant

Mr Ghai
Suresh Kathpalia
Yogeshwar Prasad

7. Secretarial and Public Relations
The secretarial and public relations staff look after the files and records of the Trust work, coordination of the team’s activities, public relations and fundraising.

Pooja Dogra - coordinator

Pooja Dogra


8. General Staff
Pawan Goyal - Rishikesh, India - one wheelchair
Pawan Goyal - Rishikesh, India - one wheelchair

Purnananda Kairwan – driver
Vijay Halder – driver

Purnananda Kairwan
Vijay Halder

9. Support Team
The support team includes those working in the fields of publicity and fundraising.


Other cities in India

Anjan and Kajal Panigrahi - Bangalore - resource mobilization (medicines)
Anuj Gupta - Delhi - elec
tronic media and general support
Mridul Dewan - Delhi - general and academic support
Raj Rani - Delhi - general support

Anuj Gupta
Mridul Dewan 




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